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Twende Pamoja is a social business established in DRC. We alleviate extreme poverty by providing a combination of income generating asset loan, technology and training to low income women and man, informal entrepreneurs under a poverty graduation approach in order to help them control their financial lives to move forward economically unlocking power of equitable growth.
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Vision & Mission

A world where every person, family has the means to thrive to lead a fulfilling life not just surviving.


To help low income woman and man, smallholders’ farmers, grassroots women, informal entrepreneurs help themselves by providing opportunities to own their key productive asset to move forward improving their lives.


                      DRC has the third largest population of poor globally (WB), 73% of the population living on less than 1,9$day. Political Instability in eastern DRC has led to a displacement of rural populations towards cities leading to extreme poverty and inequalities, hampering their ability to pay for basic goods and services. Restrictive laws and customary practices set high legal hurdles for women entrepreneurs. Lacking collateral, ultra poor cannot benefit from microfinances. Microcredit does not reach the ultra-poor entirely. When Business environment is difficult, the informal economy tends to expand, it is estimated to represent some 70% of the economy. For instance:
  • Poor roads and the lack of a good public transport system mean that a majority of Congolese use motorcycles to get around. There are more than 150,000 motorcycle taxi drivers in DRC but majority don’t own them as it is expensive. They work for owner who can repossess it. Not owning the productive tool make their job insecure.
  • Vast majority of rural farming families today lack access to basic agricultural tools because they cannot afford credit to buy these tools as too poor and no collateral.
  • Inadequacy and current obsolescence of road make it difficult for smallholder’s farmers to move their products to center of consumption.
Though traditional fishing methods, fishing opportunities offered by Kivu Lake are dominated by men, women not empowered enough to be on equal foot with their male counterpart. 90% Sellers of Sambaza fish are women but work for the fisherman and earn just 2% per kilo sold
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Our Model

Twende Pamoja’s solution to move extreme low income out of extreme poverty centers around three components:
  • Getting a productive asset that will increase income
  • Providing a financing plan to enable them to earn money through the tool while paying it off,
  • Offering training to allow for full utilization of the asset.
Twende Pamoja began by filling this credit gap for motorcycle taxis and fishing net in DRC, helping self-employed informal woman and man entrepreneurs own instead of renting their key productive assets in 15 months or less. We have revolutionized for motorcycle taxi what is known as “convention” in DRC where by someone buys a motorcycle and give it to someone for taxi as a passive income source. Insurance, training, support and all necessary documents are provided to beneficiaries to reach their ownership goal.
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  • Done it right. Impressive services!

    Since 2015, I was working as motorcycle taxi driver for my brother’s friend. There was no option to own the asset. Was working 7/7 days and had a fixed amount to deposit weekly. I was just given a work day as salary. This was not enough fulfilling my dream of getting married. I came to know Christian in 2019 and gave me a motorcycle for convention. In 10 months, I was able reimburse the agreed amount and own the bike. Ownership help me increase my income and was able to get married. As a client, I plan to apply for another loan.

    Jay Biduha
  • Furaha's Testimonials

    Due to war and threats to women in my Masisi village, I flee to Goma where I couldn’t expect much as a rural and undereducated women with 6 children. Looking for job, I started working for lake kivu fisherman, they use to give me their catch to sell. Was just earing around 2$ per day.Not enough for my family. I came to know Twende Pamoja formely know as Kivy Nyota and I got a fishing net loan. I was renting this to fisherman and the catch was mine. With this I was able to earn 10 to 20$ per day and more some lucky days. With increased finances, was able to improve my family diet, afford school fees.

    Furaha Ernestine

Our Team

Christian Akonkwa Founder and Director

Founder and Director, more than 5 years of            financial experience. Based on his work, winner of the Mandela Washington fellowship young African leaders program and the Tony elumelu entrepreneurship program. MBA in finance.

Prodcuts & Services


Motorcycle taxi loan

For qualified and skilled man and woman. Known to only be a man business, we also empower women to consider it. This asset is a great option when one has full ownership. Training and asset management help increase income.

Fishing net

Fishing net to women in fishing industry. When owned, it helps increase  income.